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October 3, 2010

Buying HCG Injections in Canada

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Canada is one of the countries in the world where there are many obese and overweight people. It is not at all surprising that the HCG weight loss program is gaining many adherents in the country.

It’s not easy to buy the HCG injections in Canada. But you will find the oral drops readily available. Not like in the United States where the hormone is a prescription substance, in Canada the drops are sold over the counter. HCG is available in the big Canadian cities like Montreal, Quebec, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax, Victoria and Winnipeg. If you live near these cities, you’ll find buying the diet drops easy.

There is another good place you can should you decide on using the HCG hormone for your weight loss treatment – the internet. You do not have to leave the easy comfort of your home while searching for a reliable supplier.  You can draw up a short list of potential suppliers and once you have decided which one to buy from, you can place your order online. Vendors can take orders via the internet sites.

Like other places in the world, however, you have to be cautious in choosing the vendor. Online scams are getting rather frequent. You have to verify the authenticity of the dealer. The easiest method to achieve this is by referring to authorized HCG websites or consulting current users through HCG diet forums and requesting from them information about trustworthy online vendors.  It is possible they have already identified the most reliable suppliers and those who cannot be trusted.


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